all things

ein album, bei dem musiker aus vielen ländern mitgewirkt haben und all things zum leben erwecken.

hier sind einige musiker, die mit uns gespielt haben

mike foster von avalanche, florida, USA

Michael Foster (Mike NAV): Producer, Guitars, Hammond B-3, Piano, Vocals. Bands: Leader of Avalanche...and a former member of Buddy Guy & Junior Wells, "Big Mama Thornton," The Mitch Ryder Band, The Buddy Cage Band, The Mohegan Sun All Stars, The Shaboo All Stars, The Electric Flag (1988), The Foster Brothers Band. Guest artist appearances with: B.B. King, Muddy Waters, James Cotton Blues Band, The James Montgomery Band, The Lester Chambers Band, Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, The Danny Dreher Band, Ritchie Havens. Working with Andreas and Silke has been a real pleasure for me...their eclectic mix of genres and styles always makes for some very interesting collaborations. The beauty of the Internet is that it shrinks the world down in such a way that it enables me to meet and work with great talents like this...even though we are thousands of miles apart from each other. I'm proud to call Andreas and Silke friends and musical partners...and I look forward to working with them both the future."

craig veitch, sheffield, england 

I'm Spreadercraig aka Craig Veitch from the UK. As a songwriter my style has been likened to The Beatles, Graham Nash and The Squeeze. I was honoured to be asked to collaborate with the Frankfurt Dialog Company on this great piece!


lee velasquez, kansas, USA

I first became aware of the Frankfurt Dialog Company when I joined Soundclick. I thought then that the group had unusually high standards - interesting tunes, well played parts, clear mixes, and a crisp overall sound. When Andreas asked if I wanted to contribute a bass part the first time (for Mountains, I think), I of course jumped at the chance. I 've had the pleasure of contributing bass parts to a number of tunes since then and all continue to be what I first thought them to be, and more - a fun process, open to ideas, and thoroughly enjoyable. I think it shows through in the tunes. For me, a guy who lives in a very small Kansas town, being able to participate and create with musicians the world over is special indeed - just like the Frankfurt Dialog Company. - Lee Velasquez

christiane sattler, frankfurt, germany

I´m a freelance pianist and keyboarder from Frankfurt/Main.
I graduated the Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt and toured
with a lot of bands in Germany and Europe.
I love Latin, Jazz and Soulmusic and working with all the new media stuff on the computer.
I met Frankfurt Dialog Company at myspace and was immediately fascinated by Andreas and Silke´s idea
to record “All things” with people from all over the world, bringing them together
in making music. It´s a great pleasure and honor for me to be part of this project.


neil numminen, ontario, canada 

I'm real pleased and honoured to have taken part in a few of FDC's music projects. I met Andreas on Soundclick, he was already involved in doing what I was looking to find there. The Internet has created tremendous potential and Andreas Horchler is realizing the possibilities by bringing together an eclectic and stellar international assembly of talent. All the best, Andreas and Silke!
Neil is active in North America as a record producer, engineer, and bassist. He also owns and operates an Ontario, Canada, regional sound company.

peter ernst, frankfurt, germany

Silke und Andreas habe ich bei einer Hochzeit kennen gelernt. Noch in der selben Nacht haben wir uns zu einer Jamsession verführen lassen. Für die Produktion von "You are the sun" haben wir uns dann auch offiziell geehelicht - musikalisch, versteht sich!
Freue mich sehr dabei zu sein und bin schon auf das nächste Projekt gespannt!
Peter Ernst konzertiert auf Podien in aller Welt und gastierte bei
Musikfestivals in ganz Europa sowie den USA, Mexiko und Argentinien.
Als Mitglied des Duo Bergerac (Gitarrenduo) und Claremont Duo (Cello
& Gitarre) hat er mehrere CDs vorgelegt. Er ist Preisträger
internationaler Musikwettbewerbe in Deutschland, Italien und Frankreich.

carlos carranza, cordoba, argentina

I met Andreas and Silke in 2008 (a wonderful musical year to myself) I remember they found my music in Soundclick,and because our mutual love to the Blues,we began to work some songs togheter. Songs that make the distance vanish

stefan schaefer, essen, germany

Playin' the flute long and prosper in all that jazzy spaces Stefan A. Schaefer from Essen, Germany came in contact with the Frankfurt Dialog Company in the way of his MySpace colourful musical work publishing:

jerry miller, ohio, usa

jerry miller [zone music inc., humachine, brutal logic] has been doing music since 1978. he has over 100 original cd's and produces some of the highest technology music that exists. he met andreas [fdc] in the forums on soundclick and brought up the idea of a collab

helfried wildenhain, frankfurt, germany

Helfried Wildenhain erhielt bereits mit 5 Jahren Klavieruntericht am Konservatorium Rostock, gefolgt von einem Tonmeisterstudium in Berlin. Er ist tätig als Komponist, Musiker und Produzent u.a. für Jazzamor, Christian Wunderlich, Two Sheds Jackson, den Hessischen Rundfunk und die ARD. Pianist und Keyboarder sowie Komponist von Filmmusiken für Arte und die BBC

mike bennett, boston, massachussetts, usa

Mike Bennett from Boston, Massachussetts, also goes by the name of Fendrguitarplayer and this says it all. Mike has been playing guitar, bass, keys, for decades. He´s also a singer. Mike:

"I really want to thank Frankfurt Dialog Company for the opportunity to do a Collaboration on "Ready for the real deal". Andreas is a true professional and he is "The real deal"

Hans Christian Stephan, Hamburg, Germany

I am trumpet player, composer arranger from Hamburg City. I studied at the Musical University in Hamburg and Lübeck and now establishing myself as a freelance musician. Open for any offers, don't hesitate... ;-) I found out about Frankfurt Dialog Company at myspace. I really liked the music and Andreas and I got in contact and we agreed to work together on one song. I enjoyed the work and think it is a great idea to unite musicians from all over the world on one CD. So I am very curious to listen to the CD...

wim wever, heerenveen, netherlands

I'm a bit of everything and a bit of nothing ! Comming from Heerenveen in The Netherlands. I met Andreas about 3 years ago at "Soundclick Seniors", For some reason he wanted me to participate in one of his projects ! Well....who am I to refuse such a nice guy ! If you want a bit more info about who I am, for starters you could consider going to:

celia baron, saarbruecken, germany

Als Tochter zweier Berufsmusiker geboren, schlug mein Herz schon immer für Musik. Daher entschloss ich mich 1995 für ein Musikstudium am “Conservatoire da la musique” in Luxemburg. Dort studierte ich 4 Jahre lang Jazzsaxophon.
In dieser Zeit zeichneten sich bereits erste musikalische Erfolge ab. Mit meiner damaligen Band V.I.S. wurden wir drei mal Bundespreisträger für junge Kompositionen der Berliner Filmfestspiele und standen mit Smudo ( Die Fantastischen Vier ) auf der Bühne.
Nach meinem Musikstudium bekam ich eine Lehrereinstellung in der Musikschule des Musikhauses A. Knopp in Saarbrücken.
Zur gleichen Zeit begann ich mit verschiedenen Bands zu spielen und europaweit zu touren, des Weiteren mich meinem Soloprojekt zu widmen und sehr viel zu komponieren.
Seitdem führe ich ein Musikerleben mit all seinen Facetten, Reisen und Studioaufnahmen und natürlich vielen Auftritten, auch mit Weltstars wie Maceo Parker, George Clinton, Fred Wesley, Martha High und Tom Principato.
Meine musikalischen Tätigkeiten erstrecken sich von Gospelmesse mit Symphonieorchester über Musical, Rock, Jazz und Blues immer wieder hin zu meinem Lieblingsstil, dem Funk.
Diesen ganzen Erfahrungen haben meinen eigenen Stil geprägt, den ich gerne als funkigen Chilljazzhiphoppop bezeichne und ich bin sehr stolz auf meine erste Solo CD “Saxcess”, die im Oktober 2008 erschienen ist. Sie ist auf erhältlich oder auch zum Download auf allen gängigen Plattformen.
Über einen Besuch meiner Seite auf oder würde ich mich sehr freuen.


tom "stockwrock", nashville, tennessee, usa

"I'm only sorry I couldn't participate even more"

jeff boissenault, canada

I do original tunes in Canada - guitar-driven rock music with an "alternative" edge - whatever that means these days! I met Andreas and Silke at Soundclick. It´s fun jamming together!

gem watsonica

“Being a professional musician (guitarist/songwriter) for the past 37 years I've had the great pleasure to have toured, recorded and played with some of the finest musicians across the USA , some well known here as well as Europe and some that no one has ever heard of nor are they likely to. When I first began collaborating with artists over the Internet I found a world of musicians that may not be well known but are certainly likely to be. One such artist is Andreas and FDC (Frankfurt Dialog Company) that graciously allowed me to play guitar on a song in the making and contribute a few words to an open collaboration on the net. The song turned out to be “Crooks” which was very much a band effort with give and take for suggestions for all involved even though it was done entirely over the net. Everyone that contributed to the song was, for that collaboration, a member of FDC. I was proud to have been a part of it as I'm sure all that were involved are. It’s not only a wonderful song from every aspect but was a rare and wonderful experience collaborating on it.”


markku vuollett, originally from finland, now  illinois, USA

Jazz is a complex art form built on improvisational skills of the musician playing it. I have been in love with jazz ever since I was a little boy growing up in Finland living near the arctic circle. When I first heard it on the radio, I was immediately hooked on it. I listened to it when ever I could. Unfortunately, we would only pick it up on Sundays. But come every Sunday, I would sit in front of the radio tapping my toes to the music. I wanted to become a jazz musician! it´s fun playing with Frankfurt Dialog Company, because Silke and Andreas have that deeper understanding of the jazz corners of the world

michel redon, meaux, france

I met FDC on a forum composed of musicians from all over the world . We got in touch discussing poetry and song, as Andreas is someone sensible to literature and loves French authors. He has been one of the driving forces of the musical collaborations in this community, always launching new ideas for creating lyrics and also great musical themes to play with.
FDC has a solid sense about the groove and this has been a real pleasure for me to write some of the (French) words that appear in these wonderful productions!

christoph sinnen, berlin, germany

Ich bin Christoph Sinnen, 46 1/2 Jahre alt, und ein Junge ;)
Habe Jazz Gitarre und Klavier als Nebenfach an der Jazz School Munich bei Joe Haider studiert.
Danach Saxophon und Klarinette als Autodidakt und bei ein paar guten Lehrern in Berlin gelernt.
Viel komponiert und arrangiert.
Habe gespielt mit Nina Hagen, Serjej Kurjochin, den original Four Tops, Romy Haag, Swing Dance Orchestra,
Johnnie Logan, the Temptations, etc.
Mehrere Jahre als Saxophon-Dozent und Interims Leiter des Landes Jugend Jazzorchesters Sachsen Anhalt.
div. Filmmusiken, Studio- und Fernsehaufnahmen sowie Kinofilm "Kalt ist der Abendhauch".
Jazz, Funk und Soul und House Produktionen.
In den letzten Jahren viele eigene Studioproduktionen und Coproduktionen.
GEMA und GVL Mitglied.
Stolzer Ehemann und Vater von zwei zweijährigen Mädchen (Zwillingen) und leidenschaftlicher Koch.
politisch ganz links.