frankfurt dialog company im interview über mein frankfurt in rhein-main-tv im Juni 2008

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im porträt: frankfurt dialog company - erfrischend anders, erfrischend gut!

frankfurt dialog company am 14.02.2008 bei jw-jazzpoints Hör-Bar 92,5 MHz

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"Augen zu und sanft unter den Augen küssen"


mein frankfurt

vielen Dank für die groovige CD, der Lautstärkeregler steht am Anschlag und meine Kundschaft nimmt's mit einem Lächeln :)) lg knut

Hi FDC, ein wunderbarer Sommerabend, irgendwo am Mainufer, leichte Brise, ein kühler Drink in der Hand und Eure Musik in den Ohren - was braucht man mehr?!? Sonnige Grüsse aus Bornheim, die Scorpio

thanks for inviting me to listen to "Bergauf, Bergab"! The lyrics should be announced by poster all along the citi(es)... the music being already part of the journey inside #:-) Thanks again, Angelika

Ihr habt echt schöne Songs über Frankfurt drin. Da fühlt man sich gleich zu Hause. Susanne

 ... o menno - da krieg ich richtig Heimweh nach meinem ehemaligen "Zweitwohnsitz" - Vielen Dank für die schöne Musik, lG Angelika

Frankfurt steckt doch voller Überraschungen. Liebe Grüße, Christof

Danke fuer die lyrics ueber mich. Frankfurt

das hat stil. beste wünsche und grüße aus berlin. rené aka

Hallo ihr zwei,der Sound von euch läst mich schön entspannen. (Respect) Lieben gruss und viel Erfolg. Olli

endlich mal ein anderer musikstil und was aus der nähe ;-))) Eure nicky;-)

hi there!! Bergauf Bergab is a masterpice of beautiful sounds!! the female singer is absolutely wonder with some nice backings!!wow,the bass is walking with such great tone!this blows me away!! thanx!

Hi Andreas and Silke, Runter zum Main-I'm loving the German Funk,I have no idea what the songs about, but to me it sounds like its about a hot woman. Time for me to go find a fraulein. Luke

Träume: what a beautiful and thrilling piece of work from start to finish. Flawless. All the best my friend! Ace Holiday

Hallo, Mein Frankfurt hat mich inspiriert - Gruß Pit

Gleich unter Deinen Augen is smooth and silky... what a classy, classy number that is. Shimmers like 'Winelight' meets Barry White. Richard Bethell

Hi Andreas, I hope this works- Andreas, Ich genieße, Ihrer Musik ebenso zuzuhören. Es gibt nicht genug O in glatt, um die Frankfurter Dialog-Gesellschaft zu beschreiben. Sie sind dem Barry White aus Deutschland ähnlich. Süße seelenvolle melodische Damenslip-Wiedermöbelpacker-Musik. Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Wörter über die Niedergeschlagenheit von LNMOP .If haben Sie eine zusätzliche Zeit, fühlen Sie sich bitte frei, eine Gitarre oder saxaphone zum Lied hinzuzufügen. Dank wieder, Luke Please let me know if that made sense

Runter zum Main... A great great production! You are stars! Yes u are! Michel Redon .

Hi guys :) Träume Perfection... What vocals and band sound!!!!!!!!!! So smooth... Love the fretless bass :) Nigel Potter.

Vielen dank fuer 1200 Jahre. sehr schön. gefällt mir sehr gut. thomas

Ich hör gerade eure relaxte mukke und träume mich mit ne'm Caipi an einen schönen Strand.... Frank

Sauschön Eure Lieder! In Frankfurt geboren, hat man mich leider schon als Teenie nach Mainz verschleppt. Mittlerweile bin ich in Saarbrücken aber Frankfurt ist für mich immer noch die Nr.1. Keine Ahnung, was die Leute immer mit Berlin und Hamburg haben. Deshalb aus tiefstem Herzen: Es ist ein harter Schluss, dass ich aus Frankfurt muss(te). In diesem Sinne

Hallo FDC, ja, was hör´ ich da, eine smoothjazz-Hymne ("Gleich unter deinem Auge")auf good old Frankfurt, ohne gleich "volksdümmlich" zu wirken. Beste Grüße, Armin

Die Musik ist einfach Klasse! Dont forget to Boogie !! Grüsse aus dem Ruhrpott Blues Bureau

ScHöNe mUsiK. uNd dAnN nOch üBer FraNkfUrt. gRüsSe aUs bOrnHeiM

"BERGAUF BERGAB" ... schöner Song - super Text!!! Co

all things

had to come

Really great! As always, an awesome song from FDC! Cool groove keeps me going thru the whole song. Really like the cello bass and string parts. Vocals are excellent and production is perfect. Love it! Kev Kevroc

This is a really great tune...nothing sweeter than a pure acoustic sound. Great job....Lisa....AKA...Rockaway33...

Hello Andreas and all - This song is amazingly beautiful. The writing, music and mix all gel into a wonderful soundscape. This is going to the radio for sure. Best, -Mike (FGP)

Hi Andreas and Silke... What a beautiful love song...great lyrics...passionate and smoldering...but very spiritual, too. Great production Andreas....all the instruments fit this song very well indeed. An usual twist...a reggae feel with cello, strings, acoustic guitar, and clarinet...very original! Silke as always...sounds fantastic. Loved this piece! First-rate stuff....superbly produced...and very creative. One of your very friend! Hugs...Mike (NAV)

hallo silke und andreas,.... ein wunderschönes lied mit schönen gitarren und der zweistimmige gesang ist einfach nur klasse. die streicher-stimmen und der ganze hintergrund geben dem ganzen einen jazzigen zusätzlichen touch....beste arbeit, erstklassige qualität :-) wünsche euch eine schöne wochenmitte und laßt es euch gutgehen, kaufi fogy

Andreas and Silke, WOW! This is lovely.. Pure bliss and heaven sent. Goodness you two, you do have a beautiful sound and style. The arrangement and instrumentation is superb throughout the song and the clarinet is right on the money. Hats off to all of you for this fine song. Very awesome performance.... Your Friend, BOB

ready for the real deal

This is some impressive stuff. An all-star international lineup comes together for a super smooth tune. Any musician who hears this has to marvel at the individual musicians who contributed to this. Every little note is something agreeable, and it comes from such talented hands that the artists involved maintain this masquerade, making it sound so easy, so natural. We know better, a track like this is not easy to make. The brilliant aspect of this is two-fold. First, no one is dying to steal the spotlight, no ego gets in the way, no one trips over anyone else’s sound. The second is that the tones each player chose fits and mixes so well together that it makes this a perfect recipe for FM airwaves.
And what a smooth rich mix it is. You just gotta hear it to believe it. Probably some serious microphones in there and some serious production talent to capture the deliriously serious musical talent. It could be about two people who are convinced to cement a relationship. I want to take a guess that a meaning behind the lyrics speaks about accepting responsibility and understanding what commitment means. The lyrics seem centered on the future in a way that sums up what it is to find maturity in one’s life. “Adult contemporary” seems like a very appropriate genre. That’s how I relate to it anyway. I’ll say this much, the lyrics are solidly good because the more I think about it the more I can find a personal meaning that reflects on events in my own life. Great tune guys, loved it! the schwa sound

Andreas, this is such a professionally performed and mixed tune it just melts my heart hearing it!!! Not only did I add this to one of my stations, but also will air this tune on my show tonight on / Mix Radio's "Saturday Night Rocks"!!! What a collab .... OUTSTANDING!!!! Alles Gute aus den Staaten, Mike Mike-K

Absolutely great!!! I love this bass and it's great the way how you work with. Top production as always, very well done Andre Henriquez

That is the real deal! great prodution,,the guitar is so smooth and clean,,,I'm a bass/keys player,,but the more I hear Lee play,think I'll stick to keys,,always wanted a fretless,and man can he play Virgil Brian

I agree,This is the real deal. Excellent guitar playing,very nice and smooth bass.The lead guitar fills are really good.Also nice work on the vocals and lyrics. Wonderful performance and production. Well done! Morten Gjermundsen

closing time

Great mood has this fine song! Vocal is really amazing!! A happy work. Jiri
Jiri Hajek

A great creation indeed, lots of great instruments and lovely vocals and backups!! Top notch production!!
Grant Starr
The flute solo is beautiful - The whole track is a joy to listen to - Adding to my station.
Paul Mcilwaine
yes we can
yes you can... make me gänsehaut. wunderbarer neuer song! :-)
raute im herzen 

"yes we can" wonderful absolutely gorgeous uplifting song with incredible production and silke's vocal is sp wonderful andreas can't say enough good things about this tune !!!! stan bolton,ca JUST OUTSTANDING! awesome two! mike foster, fl


really enjoy the music and the enthusiasm in this song--really groovy stuff---your vocals are sensational!!hope is a great thing--hope must turn into reality! really enjoyed!! mark cloutier, canada

Great song! Inspiring and artistic. Thanks for sharing.........................peace! Solid E

Wow, der Song ist klasse, den muss ich auch gleich haben. Franca

do or die

RebelRiffs: Steve Gilmore reviews the Internet's Unsigned Artists

Obviously from Frankfurt (also home to Burp and Decollage btw) the band consists of 'Silke, Andreas and guests' and as the 175,000 plays I've seriously been missing out on not noticing this artist before. Class from the get go, as I expect from most musicians I have encountered from Germany, the musical performance being particularly inspired, a lot of which is down to Andreas Horchler. Aided most ably by Canadian Neil Numminen on bass (one of the highlights) and Carlos Carranza from Argentina on dobro (a much underused instrument IMO), this is a truly global track - so it really is stunning just how well this track has turned out. It's a testment to how relaxed and confident these musicians felt laying down this aurally splendid piece of music.

All, of course, would mean nothing without there being a great idea behind it. It's the heart of the matter, as the song itself says. The great idea being, in this case, Silke - a vocalist you are not going to believe. As much as the track will commend itself to you (if you know what you are listening to), its the vocals and the lyrics that finally put this over the top and head and shoulders above the crowd. Looking through some of the comments posted about this track you see phrases like 'beautiful', 'great', 'excellent' and more stars than exist in the sky, all of which should tell you that I am not alone in this opinion. So, check out this band and see what you have also been missing out on. Me, I'm going to kick myself a few times for missing this one in the first place.... Won't make that mistake again.

MUST HAVE breath of fresh air.

Steve Gilmore

"Do or die" has a great vibe. All the instruments and vocal come together in a wonderful way! Just an excellent song!
Steve Berger

 This is such a S W E E T flowing tune.The lyrical delivery and musical setting remind me a bit of James Taylor,who happens to be one of my favorite artists.Wow the bass work is really hot and the snare and swirling keys along with the slide guitar really present an interesting and busy sound but they are put together so well they blend very smoothly. Great song!!! danny

Hello Andreas and Silke, "Do or die" is just beautifully played and sung. A very good song. David

Really nice steel guitar work, there, Andreas. The organ and fretless are a nice touch too, and Silke's vocals are great as always. Richard Bethell

very very very nice song. Great percussion and nice dobro playing. It's not easy to record that instrument, but you did very well Keep me posted. This is really interesting.. Jonsson

 mountains beyond mountains

This is a beautiful song, excellent vocals and lyrics.... and wow, a guitar that sings.....
kurt lewis neufer

This is a great song! A positive, bright message with nice vocals and guitars. I absolutely loved it wayne pascal

What a Sweet song, with a SUPER sentiment. I am going to continue to listen over and over. It has such a POSITIVE mesaage of what's ahead and what is now. I actually feel I'm standing on the shore.......and as I am. I feel such a warm vibration. The vocals are VERY emotional and very pleasant listening. I've always enjoyed Silke's vocals , the pleasure of listening. Leevel's bass work has been a favorite since I first heard him......FANTASTIC Bass work, lines, tone and I'm VERY touched you did this, ALL of you. Mike (NAV) knows he's one of my Top Faves on guitar and he plays such nice lines throughout.....he's one chilling guitarist. this is a BEAUTIFUL song and you did a superb job rob grant

Beautiful and inspiring, a song full of hope. Thank you for sharing, you have a distinct, lovely voice, nice to hear every word so clearly and great piano. maria daines

I’ve always enjoyed the way you guys work the vocals off the music (and vice versa) in your recording. You balance it all out in such a unique way that it lets Silk’e vocals stand out. ron gragg


What a colab made in heaven this is.Fantastic production and performed by one of the finest groups on Soundclick.
Congradulations on a fine performance.
Vocals are just fabulous and with the guitar backings of the exciting Carlos Carranza this track should bring a lot of interest and plays.


Thank you to everyone involved in this production and allowing us the pleasure of listening to a very fine track by a very proffesional group.

Western Australia

Silke sings the heck out of this. I just love her voice! The horns are nice and subdued, and the Stratocasters popping out here and there in the mix add a really nice funky yet winsome touch to everything. The tone on those various Strat parts is a perfect unaltered clean "quack" tone.... guitar perfection. I hope you eventually take this on the road... would love to check FDC out live!

Richard Bethell

Andreas and Silke, Wonderful,, completely out-a-sight, fantastic,,, I loved it right from the get-go. WOW!! You guys are great!!! BOB Robert Muscovitz

Excellent musicianship. Guitars very enjoyable! Good production top to bottom. Nice work. Tony DeLecce

Very very nice. Silke is silky smooth. I'd expect a nylon string guitar on a tune like this Andreas, but your choice of Carlos' bluesy style guitar is a complementary contrast - perfect. I guess that's why your productions are always spot on. LeeVel

 way up

was für ein gigantischer song! angelika wow!

this is a grat song. A lot of p´zass and very tastefully foot kept tappin´....fantastic!! bob `muskie´muskowicz

hey! great song. and lyrics full of heart!!!! carlos carranza


kind of grooves

Smooth smoooth smooooooooooth! Tim Fatchen

Wunderschön entspannte Sounds, Redeemed ist mein Fav. Aber sehr konstantes Niveau, echtes Talent! Big up vom Rhein, Soulshine

Leute, Ihr seid super! Liebe Euch! !!!! Rosa Morena 

Silke and Andreas, I loved your Music,it's Elegant you are great !!! All the best !!! yours, Paulo Cesar.

ihr macht sehr geile songs Soulice

Hallo Silke und Andreas, Sehr schöne relaxte Musik hier bei Euch. Jazzy, funky, bluesy. Geniale Gitarre, schönes Sax, tolle Bläsersätze in da Lounge. Lokalkolorit meets Chicago "unter Deinem Auge". Weiter so! Gruß Stephan

Habe mir einiges von Dir angehört und ich bin sehr beeindruckt. Geschmackvolle Music. "Sonntag Nachmittag", "Total entspannt" und "Redeemed" sind alle spitzenmäßig! Mike KohlgrafI

just spent about an hour here listening to your material. You have an incredible musical pallette to select from. Your recordings are crystalline and have a wonderful sheen. Steve Stallings

wow sounding good! i dont usually delve into the jazz categories but im glad i did! great sound - really nice songs - especially Groovin´trombs fantastic! :) keep it up! neewah

All of your music is just so amazing. I have listened to it over the past few months. Rolland Harrison turned me on to you. He was right about what you do.You are a monster player. Mike "Avalanche" Foster

I am ever so humbled by your musical talent, composition and production. Superb! Your selections are SO highly-polished. Truly an inspiration. Ace Holiday

"Broadway Gumbo" Rocks out dude... Listening to it right now as I'm grilling up some steaks and sipping a Guiness.. Great stuff Man... Rolland Harrison