peace lounge ist ein chilliges ambient album mit einem schuss klassik. bild clicken und wohlfühlen

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silke natschke und andreas horchler wenden sich in peace lounge der chilligen downbeat und  filmmusikecke des musikalischen universums zu.  das reicht von "grace and peace", das von der akustischen gitarre angetrieben wird, über den nypd-cop und sein megaphon in "stop being selfish" bis hin zu kleineren orchesterarbeiten wie "a glmpse of". die erinnerung an 9/11 ist  immer noch lebendig, auch an den östlichen küsten des atlantiks. "9-11+8 reflektiert diesen wendepunkt der geschichte. 12 gates ist eine elektro - vorstellung der tore, die in die visionäre stadt führen. july ist eine balladeske gitarrennummer, lago eine erinnerung an den wunderbaren lago maggiore.

die tracks:

1 grace and peace  6:06

2 stop being selfish 6:39

3 a glimpse of 2:19

4 12 gates 7:40

5 badlands 6:35

6 lago 6:34

7 9-11+8 4:48

8 frontiers 6:10

9 july 6:57

10 anticipation 2:34

11 southern winds 5:52

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stop being selfish

Well, You got me here! Couldn't be better. Such a great guitar. Who played the bass?.The perc.tracks...just fantastic, The voices shouting and the pannings....great...the mixed feelings of not knowing where I am...Genius! I listened to all the details, and really admire your work. Wish you all the best,

Zilia Tol

This is great. Ironic snippets of bullhorn rhetoric. The playing is just superb, so many great lines. As I expect in your work, immaculate production and mixing.

Larry Ludwick

wow...your production is SO top shelf! I really enjoyed the subtle tones and wonderful playing. Bass lines are very creative and the groove is mystical. !

southern winds

Stunning to say the least! Very relaxing and at the same time,stimulating.I love the overall feel to this as well as the diferent layers and textures,great job!!!!

E Strad

This is rather unique. Amd this is what this is all about. So keep it up. I havent heard this type of music anywhere but here right on your site.
Roger John

This is really interesting, Sir. It reminds me alot of Elbow's 'Seldom seen kid' album. (which I really like) occasionally it sounds a little celtic but it never lets you put your finger on it and say AHA! this is (insert appropriate genre) I like that guitar way back in the distance too. Very nicely done!
John Holgate


Beautiful composition, in the best way of classical german music!

Brilliantsmile :)

Andre Henriquez


Great buildups to crescendos and triumphant summits of joy with a perfect flow to partially somber melodies mixed with glimmers of hopeful foreshadowing of rising fortunes. Very clear expressions of emotions that are translated to me as a listener!!

Praise God!!
Rick Gross

Nice mix of contemporary elements and pastoral harmonies in copland style. Really well done, with a nice inventive of politonality. Very impressed.

Adina Spire


Frankfurt Dialog Company - july

I already commented in another spot here at SC ! BUT....I just cam by to say what a great track this is Andreas ! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

Secret Separation

isn't the guitar a wonderful instrument for expressing emotion, and you do it so well here. the playing, production, all excellent as usual. gabe
gabe stenziano